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Teratoma tumor – types and images

Teratoma tumor – types and images

The name of the teratoma tumor comes from the word Teras, which means monster. The life of every person starts from a single fertilized cell, called zygote. When this cell is divining, during pregnancy, all tissues and organs of human body are being formed gradually. Violations into the correct running of embryonic development may result into the development of  teratoma in an already elderly person. Such types of tumors are usually developed in the ovaries and testes. This localization – in the sexual organs is not accidental. In these organs the sexual cells (ovum and sperm) are formed, at the fusion of which a zygote is formed. Disturbances which could arise in reproduction of the subsidiary cells of one zygote are considered to be the main reason for teratoma.

What are the teratoma tumors – video with pictures
The teratoma, like all the other tumors are classified as mature – benign (Teratoma adultum) and immature – malignant (Teratoma embryonale). They are found mostly in children and young people and can be localized in different organs, but most often can be found in the ovaries, testes, mediastinum, and retroperitoneal space.

Teratoma tumor

Teratoma tumor



Depending on the histological structure, the following groups of teratoma are distinguished:

Histoid teratoma

They come from the tissues of one germinal layer and are called choristoms and hamartoms. They are characterized with tissue development in unusual places. Cholesteatoma also belongs to the group of the horistoms, which is localized in the intracranial space and consists of elements of human skin. An example for chamartoma is epidermoid cyst.


Organoid teratoma

Their structure is similar to organs and they consist of two or more tissue types. Representative of this teratoma are dermoid teratoma cysts, which are most common in the ovaries but may also develop in the mediastinum and the abdomen. Another typical example in this group is the neck bronchogenic cysts.


Organismoid teratoma

These tumors include almost all types of tissues, because they are usually formed from the three embryonic layers. Eyes, hair, skin, teeth can be found inside them. Some teeth may even have caries. Is the reason for this is the lack of personal hygiene and inappropriate use of toothpaste from the teratoma? Organismoid teratomas are most frequently found in the testicles and are the most closely to the structure of the human embryo. Teratomas in this group often have malignant nature and in malignancy of the epithelial component they are called teratocarcinomas.

Immature teratoma are composed of tissues with incomplete differentiation. These are embryonic carcinoma that is localized in the testes of young men and the endodermal sinus tumor, which is typical for early age.

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