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Mesenteric thrombosis – symptoms and treatment

Mesenteric thrombosis – symptoms and treatment

Mesenteric thrombosis leads to death (necrosis) of the tissue in a living organism. The reason for this severe pathological process is retention of blood circulation in a particular area because of occlusion of a blood vessel. Such occlusion can appear when there is thrombus or embolus (blood obturator). The process of occlusion of a blood vessel that feeds the intestinal wall is called mesenteric thrombosis. The thrombi are blood obturators formed on the atherosclerotic patches of the intestinal artery or they come from the wall of the intestinal vein. The final result from both is mortification of a large part of intestines.

Mesenteric thrombosis

Mesenteric thrombosis

Mesenteric thrombosis is a severe disease that is often preceded by prolonged abdominal complaints. The reason for those complaints is reduced blood flow towards the intestines as a result of constriction of mesenteric arteries from atherosclerotic patches. Constriction of the vessel wall is slowly developed, gradually, in the course of the years. At a certain moment full occlusion of the vessel can be reached and then mesenteric ischemia passes into intestines infarction. Other causes for mesenteric thrombosis are thromboembolism, which is often germinated in patients with heart defects as a result of rheumatism had in the past (mitral stenosis!), and also endangitis obliterans of the abdominal arteries.

Symptoms of mesenteric thrombosis

-         Pain in the whole abdomen, sometimes with a preference of the direction to the root of the intestines (mesenterium). The pain may appear as attacks after heavy meal or can be partially reduced.

-         Normal or accelerated intestines peristalsis.

Symptoms of mesenteric thrombosis

-         severely disturbed general condition

-         signs of shock

-         lack of peristalsis

-         mean bloody diarrhea!


If it is possible, at the early stage of mesenteric ischemia – hospitalization! In the mesenteric thrombosis with the intestines infarction development, mortality of the patients is very high!

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