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Liver and gallbladder cleanse

Liver and gallbladder cleanse

Liver and gallbladder cleanse should be made exactly at a specific time of the year in order to be of most benefit for people.  This applies at a full extent and for other types of body cleanse. This is why some old rituals like fasting,  have exactly assigned dates in the religious calendars.

Liver and gallbladder cleanse must be consistent with the seasons,  the lunar calendar and human biorhythms.

Spring is one of the most wonderful seasons for most people. It is associated with cleanness, growth, health, sun, smiles! Perhaps it is like that because in autumn and in winter we overload our body with “nonliving” food, staying at one place, having little light, insufficient intake of water… so that our bodies “scream” for some rest and cleanse.

Let’s listen more often in our bodies` language, because after all we are going to use them throughout our entire earthly life.

Liver and gallbladder cleanse

Liver and gallbladder cleanse

Preparation for liver and gallbladder cleanse

You have to start at least 10 days in advance. In the morning, before breakfast, you have to drink a cup of hot water and after that – one, two tablespoons of the preliminary prepared mixture – equal quantities of lemon juice and olive oil, sweetened with honey.

If you are not vegetarian, it is recommended to start eating food without meat. Drink water – minimum 2 liters per day, but do not force yourself and do not do it at once. Water is alive! You have to be grateful to it when it infuses into your body to cleanse it!

If you have an opportunity in the days of full moon, offer some spa-procedures to your body. But taking a hot bath in the mornings and evenings is also good. Even the hot showers – two, three times daily will perfectly help you. Choose according to your possibilities. In the day of the full moon, drink only water and carrot juice, apples, beetroot – mixed.

The preparation for the Liver and gallbladder cleanse continues in the coming days after the full moon. Limiting the feeding is compulsory, and the focus has to be on drinking water and freshly squeezed juices (fresh juices) from carrots, apples, and beetroot. If you are really hungry, you can eat a few apples. This will help you in the morning to empty the full colon. It is very important that the colon is cleaned at the beginning of the real Liver and gallbladder cleanse. Take hot showers or baths.

Procedure for liver and gallbladder cleanse

The “ritual” begins around 7 p.m. on the third day after the full moon. Create the most pleasant atmosphere possible– music, a lit candle, a good book. The important is to be in a good mood. Your liver does not like “bad emotions” and this is its evening. We must thank it that over the years along with the gall, is has been neutralizing all our negative and meaningless emotions. Two glasses of 200 ml “will be waiting” for you on the table– one with olive oil and the other with squeezed lemon juice. If you have an electric warming pad, put it in the area of the liver. Or else, make yourself a “belt” of a thick fluffy shawl. That is how you will have an opportunity to laugh a little bit over your “graceful” waist.

Start drinking from the glasses, taking one-two sips from the olive oil, then – the lemon. Repeat in every 15-20 minutes, until you drink it all. Some of you can have nausea and feelings of vomiting. Don’t worry. Wait a little and continue boldly.

When you finish, it is time for the breathing exercises. Sit down with good standing backbone and start breathing deeply ONLY through your nose. Breathe slowly and smoothly, strongly moving your diaphragm. Blow up your abdomen when inhaling and take it up in breathing out. In this way you will provide a wonderful massage on the liver. Don’t force yourself for anything. Do it until you feel comfortable.

When you go to bed, don’t remove the electric warming pad or shawl which you have put around your belly.

It is very important that the liver area is warmed up. The next morning, drink a tablespoon of Epsom salts dissolved in a glass of warm water. Drink another glass of water, but it also has to be warm. When you go to the toilet you will see all the “treasures” that you have collected throughout the year. It would be even better if you can give yourself an enema. There should be nothing left in the colon after the liver and gallbladder cleanse. During this day you can also drink juices, water and focus on the light vegetarian food.

The next day you will see that the sun is shining more brightly, your smile will be wider, even the nuisances will seem funny to you!

Do you want to try? After all it is only once a year, but the effect is– one year!

Those of you, who have missed the yearly liver and gallbladder cleanse in February, March, April and May, must not regret. There is still time to catch up. They can do the procedure also in June, in the days of the full moon.

I wish you success!

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