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Leiomyoma – symptoms and treatment

Leiomyoma – symptoms and treatment

Myoma is a benign tumor derived from smooth muscles of internal organs. Its most common location is in the uterus, but myomas can be found in other organs (the wall of the stomach and intestines). Uterine leiomyomas are developed most often in middle age. Before 18 they are extremely rare and regress during the menopause (resolved).



As a major cause of myomas can be adopted elevated level of estrogen in women. It may be caused by increased production of these hormones by the ovaries (cysts, ovarian tumors), prolonged intake of contraceptive preparations (oral contraceptives containing estrogen), anovulation (absence of progresterone), accumulation in the body of dangerous supplements (most of improvers, dyes and preservatives are transformed into estrogens in the body).

These benign tumors can leak asymptomatically and are found accidentally during preventive check. The most common symptoms of leiomyomas are weght or pain in the lower abdomen and irregular uterine bleeding.

According to the location of leiomyomas and their relationship with the elements of the uterine wall, they may be: intramural (inside one of the muscles of the uterus), submucous (stand and push the lining of the uterine cavity) subserous (push serosa and stand out to the pelvic area). The latter two types are often pedunkularis (have a foot). During body movements if have a food leiomyomas rotate, their foot is twisted and stops blood supply to the tumor parenchyma. Thus foot dies and disconnects the tumor of the uterine wall. Removal of submucous leiomyomas of the foot leads to a deterioration in his birth as a result – the woman gives birth to a tumor! If this happens with subserous leiomyomas, they  will fall into the abdominal cavity and give symptoms of peritoneal irritation.

Treatment of leiomyomas targets remove of the cause – high level of estrogen. If a woman enters menopause, it is to wait (in the absence of pronounced symptoms), because myomas resolve in this period. Surgical removal of leiomyomas (often along with the uterus) usually leads to complete cure of the patient.

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