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Hypochondria – treatment and symptoms

Hypochondria – treatment and symptoms

Hypochondria is an excessive, pathological fear of diseases. Characteristics of hypochondria are numerous and nonspecific bodily complaints resulting from the fear of disease. People who suffer from hypochondria carefully monitor their body and every little irregularity causes them to get into a state of fear. These patients mostly seek to maintain “an exaggerated” healthy lifestyle and that sometimes causes them more harm.  Usually Hypochondria appears in the second half of life, sometimes after the patients or someone in their circle of acquaintances has suffered from a serious illness. Psychologists distinguish two types of hypochondria: ideohipohondriya, which consists only in fear of getting sick, and senzohypohondria, in which unpleasant subjective sensations occur. Actually, these are the first two levels of hypochondria, which are followed by the third and final stage – appearance in the body like real disease. In this third level thoughts and feelings of patients materialize in the reality of their body - “What I feared, caught up with me.”



Fear is the biggest enemy of man. Fear underlies the failure, disease and poor relations between people. Millions of people are afraid of the past, future, old age, illness and death.

Fear is just a thought in you mind!
Are you afraid of your own thoughts?

Your own thoughts belong to you. This means that you are their master! You decide your thoughts, and they determine your life experiences!

The good news is that hypochondria is curable, as well as other diseases.

Methods for treatment of hypochondria

I. Mind-body practices

They have no dosage. For them applies the rule “The more the better.”

Place a burning candle in the room where you spend the most of your time. Watch the flame of candle several times a day for several minutes.

Count sounds from the surrounding environment. Often listen to your own breathing sounds (inhalation – exhalation).

If you have signs of fear, inhale and exhale slowly and deeply about 10-12 times.

II. Techniques for releasing stress

Massage with pressure on those points. The points on your hands are massaged bilaterally, either at the same time (with a helper) or sequentially. Follow the sequence of  points as you work. Compliance with the order is important to achieve maximum effect.
1. Massage the point in the cavity between the first cervical vertebra and skull.
2. On the inside of the forearm, just above the wrist crease, on the side of the finger, press firmly with your thumb for 2-3 minutes.
3. On the inside of the forearm, the fingers over the two transverse crease of the wrist, press firmly with your thumb for 2-3 minutes.

III. Confession – spiritual catharsis

“Tell us about your fears and speak freely. The downpour of words clears the heart from grief. It is like releasing the dam when the whirlpool of a water mill overflows. ” Robin Hood

If you are afraid, if you get upset, if you have an argument with someone, do not hold it inside you. Do not tell to other people either, because it would ruin their mood andyou would pass them your negative energy. It is very easy to deal with this problem by doing the following: Get in a closed room and make sure there is no onearound. Open the drawer or a wardrobe and tell them everything that bothers you. Speak, scream, cry. By saying all you have to say, shut the door of the wardrobe andyou are good to go. As you are leaving the the room you will be feeling better already. Let him think that you opened the door of the closet after you!

Take a blank sheet of paper and a pen. On top of the sheet write:

“The worst experience in my life”
Spend fifteen or twenty minutes to write everything that comes to your mind. Everything. Then burn the paper. The negative energy transfers to the sheet through your words and it will be transformed to another type of energy in the fire.
The next day again take pen, blank paper and write at the top

“My strongest concern at the moment”
Spill your concerns on paper and then burn it. This is the essence of spiritual purification in confession.
Write these things every day for ten days and you will feel better altogether.

“Do I have to do this too?” - Someone will ask.
Do you really want to get rid of hypochondria?

Most people start to follow these guidelines consciously and with great enthusiasm.That lasts about a week. After that, feeling a relief and visibly in better mental state, they drop everything. That is exactly what their fears are waiting for. They quickly return and take over the conscience of the patient. Then he desperately states: “This treatment is not working for me! Nothing helps me! I will not get better! ”

Is this going to happen to you too?
Are you going to act the same way?
Be honest to yourself!
How long did you consciously follow the above instructions?

Persist at least a month, month and a half, if you really want a permanent improvement. The brain needs 30-40 days to create a new habit, including the habit of thinking differently. After several weeks of repeating the procedure, you will see how fears will leave you alone once or forever.

Good luck!

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