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Himalayan salt benefits health

Himalayan salt benefits health

Himalayan salt is called “white gold of the earth.” Some etymologists believe that the english words for soul and salt have a common origin (sole and salt). The ancient celts believed that the human soul comes from the ocean. Life on Earth originated in the ocean salt water and is unthinkable without the presence of salts. Human embryo (baby) develops in 1% saline in the womb. The old regulation of body fluid and electrolyte balance is essential for maintenance of all functions.

The difference between Himalayan salt and ordinary table salt is huge. The second is processed, full of contaminants, “dead” salt. It lacks the energy set by nature. This means that ordinary table salt is harmful and is not recommended for healthy and sick people.Himalayan salt, unlike it is something unique. It is the purest salt on earth. It is rich of invaluable minerals and has high energy levels. Himalayan healers hospitals are designed with special salt rooms where procedures are made 2 times a day. With Himalayan salt they treat mostly asthma and bronchitis, use it to strengthen mucous membranes of the digestive system and respiratory system.

Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt is at about 250 million years. It comes from very high energy and clean place – the largest energy center of the earth – the Himalayas. Himalayan salt is large crystal, extremely clean, with a pink color. Recovered and washed by manual way, by the most unaggressive methods, in order its energy to be stored in greatest extent. The color is due to iron atoms incorporated into crystal lattice. It is known that the energy of crystals is proportional to their size. It also depends on the composition, origin and location. Himalayan salt crystals are with cubic crystal lattice.
This is the perfect crystalline form in nature. Himalayan salt contains more than 84 types of minerals (corresponding to 84 kinds of vibration), which are easily absorbed by human body, because they have chemically identical chain structural connections like these in vitamins and proteins. Almost the entire periodic table (excluding inert gas) contains in the Himalayan salt, in particular those minerals are pledged as components in our body. So, assuming in your body 1% saline solution of Himalayan salt, we actually take up what is the basis of life in the most energetic and easily digestible form.

What happens in our bodies in the adoption of a 1% solution of Himalayan salt?
The most significant effects of Himalayan salt on the body are alkalinization and recovery of electrolyte balance, detoxification and renewal of cells and tissues, blood thinning, breaking the bad cholesterol and strengthen blood vessel walls, improve blood circulation to all organs, normalise blood pressure, improvement of cellular nutrition and metabolism of substances, better use of drugs and food additives balancing energetic of the body of micro and macro-level, increasing energy levels, increasing vitality, endurance immunity, rejuvenate, restore flow of energy in the chakras and nadis, improving the level of awareness and connection with the creative energies of the ancient world, with the Himalayas and Shambhala.

Furthermore, internally as a 1% aqueous solution, Himalayan salt can be used for rinsing sinuses, inhalation, eye wash, gargle the mouth and throut, brushing. It is used for baths and foot baths for body and beauty care – face masks, cloth bags of salt (hot or cold). In severe health problems (eg pneumonia) can be applied salty jacket with a 1% solution, warmed to body temperature and in the form of salty socks or other methods.

Salt in our body (sodium chloride) is involved in the maintenance and regulation of water balance. It is needed for normal functioning of the gastric and intestinal enzymes enter into the composition of blood and tissue fluid. Sodium chloride ensure normal functioning of cells, therefore, deficiency can cause serious problems in the body, for example – distorting the conducting of nerve impulses and the production of insulin. Very worrying is the reaction of the kidney in sodium depletion – they begin to produce active substance renin, leading to spasm of the arterioles and increasing the arterial blood pressure, which increases the risk for developing stroke and heart attack. Excessive use of salt also cause problems. The worst consequence of overuse of salt is high blood pressure. The basic problem is that the sodium has the property to retain water in the body, then blood pressure rises, and with it, because of the excess of water is rising and body weight. Overweight and obesity contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, increase the risk of developing malignant tumors.

Where there is high blood pressure – there are his “faithful companions” – myocardial infarction and stroke. It is important in food to be used salts, salt types, such as Himalayan salt. It contains iron on the one hand, which held its pink color, on the other hand there are presense of other trace elements necessary for the body – sulfur, potassium, calcium, magnesium. However, the sodium content of Himalayan salt is lower, so that salt does not hold excess water in the body. Himalayan Crystal Salt has universal application because of its principal intended action in balance of metabolic processes.

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