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Leiomyoma – symptoms and treatment

Leiomyoma – symptoms and treatment Myoma is a benign tumor derived from smooth muscles of internal organs. Its most common location is in the uterus, but myomas can be found in other organs (the wall of the stomach and intestines). Uterine...
Ulcer disease

Ulcer disease – symptoms and diet

Ulcer disease – symptoms and diet   Ulcer is a defect, wound in the lining of the intestinal wall. If this defect is not very deep and if it reaches only to the own muscle layer of the lining, it is called erosion. Erosions are often...

Glomerulonephritis – symptoms and causes

Glomerulonephritis – symptoms and causes Definition Glomerulonephritis is bilateral diffuse nonpurulent inflammatory disease of the glomeruli (kidney’s bodies). Causes of glomerulonephritis The main reason for the development of glomerulonephritis...