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Fibrocystic disease of breast

Fibrocystic disease of breast – pathology and pictures

Fibrocystic disease of breast – pathology and pictures   Dyshormonal Fibrocystic changes cause breast ducts dilatation up to formation of large cysts. Some of them are covered with cylindrical epithelium, resembling the epithelium...

Giant cell epulis – pathology and pictures

Giant cell epulis – pathology and pictures   Hyperplastic, tumor like formation of the gum,  covered with multilayered squamous eoithelium with parakeratosis. It can be ulcerated with granulation tissue below the epithelium. Epulis...

Leukoplakia – pathology and pictures

Leukoplakia – pathology and pictures   Mucosa of the oral cavity is covered with multilayed squamous epithelium, which is thickened with signs of: Hyperkeratosis- excessive accumulation of keratin; Parakeratosis-  preserved...
Lung emphysema

Lung emphysema

Lung emphysema   In chronic pulmonary emphysema, the interalveolar septi are thin and at some places ‘disappear’, leaving the form of larger and smaller ‘bullae’. The alveolar ducts are expanded. Usually in bronchial walls...
Struma nodosa

Struma nodosa

Struma nodosa     Significantly increased in volume thyroid gland with hyperplastic units of different size, each of them delimited by connective tissue bands. Color and consistency of the nodules varies depending on the...

Tongue in acromegaly

Tongue in acromegaly   Acromegaly occurs in adults with pituitary adenoma, which produces growth hormone. Besides the increase in proximal parts of the body, the growth hormone leads to organomegaly. The tongue is considerably enlarged. ...
Prostatic hypertrophy

Prostatic hypertrophy pathology

Prostatic hypertrophy pathology     Highly enlarged prostate and urinary bladder. Two lateral lobes of the gland press and narrow the urethra while the intermediate  is protruding into the bladder lumen thus preventing normal...
Cholelithiasis - pathology

Cholelithiasis – pathology

Cholelithiasis – pathology Dilatated gallbladder with a tapered polished mucosal architecture. Inside, the lumen shows a single rounded concretion with a brownish color and uneven surface.
Bullous emphysema of lungs

Bullous emphysema of lungs

Bullous emphysema of lungs Lung with increased volume but reduced weight. The base of lower lobe reveals thin bubbles with transparent walls, filled with air (bullae) Abundant deposits of  anthracotic pigment give mosaic diversity of pleural...
Hypertensive heart

Hypertensive heart disease

Hypertensive heart disease An open left ventricle of enlarged heart with intact aortic valve. Myocardium is hypertrophic. (its thickness at the base of valves is more than 25 mm ). Papillary muscles are massive, round...