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Acute ascending bronchopneumonia

Acute ascending bronchopneumonia

Ascending bronchopneumonia

Ascending bronchopneumonia


  • Subpleural is found well distinguished area of leukocytic infiltration, which destroys lung parenchyma and forms abscesses А.
  • In adjacent alveoli – exudate, composed of leukocytes and  desquamated pneumocytes.
  • At the periphery are found unaffected alveoli, but they are pressed and  collapsed because of compression (CA).The perforation of an abscess in pleural cavity leads to pyopneumothorax.
  • Pleura  is engaged by fibrinous-purulent exudate.
  • ØThis complication is typical for  staphylococcal pneumonia in infants (X-ray designated as pneumonia ‘bullosa’).

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